Question: What is an estimated cost for this project?

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by pdhixenbaugh | August 14, 2020 13:50 | #24323

There's a strong possibility that a list of parts with costs exists on another page, and I just didn't find it.

I'm just trying to get an estimation of how much it will cost in total


Hi, I've gathered some links here that I hope are helpful, or at least can point you to the parts list you're looking for.

The Basic Microscope has since evolved into the Pi Kit version of the Community Microscope.

If you're interested in building the original Basic Microscope, there's a parts list at this wiki, and the files for that stage are shared here.

If you're looking to build the Pi Kit, there are directions for the build of the pi-based microscope here that includes the necessary parts. The updated stage is described here, including a link to the files for the stage.

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I can note that the Pis and Cameras are easily available on Amazon, and run about $25 for each part. The stages you can laser cut depending on availability in your area. The lenses themselves can be pricey, and tend to run from $20-$70 each. Here's are links for 10x lenses, for 20x lenses, 30x lenses, and 100x lenses,

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Here's a set of four lenses from Amscope that is better priced, $80 for all four.

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