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by pataxte | November 12, 2019 16:14 | #21467

We have a map in Mapknitter ( that I'd like to download as a jpeg. I'm not really clear about the difference bt download and export. When I use the download tab it says "no export formats available" unlike the tutorial that shows jpeg, pdf, TIFF and other formats as options. Also, I don't quite understand the warnings about exporting and auto replacement of previous exports - does this hold true if you don't move the previous export out of the download folder and so the 2nd export, with same file name will overwrite the 1st? What actually is the difference between export and download anyhow?



Sorry for slow response here! Just checking -- so, exporting generates downloads, which then appear under "download."

And, the thing with exporting is that it overwrites the previous export.

You can also hold the shift key and drag to select all the images you want, and a download button will appear on the map, upper left. This is a beta feature, but may work... it just takes a really long time!

Thanks Jeff! No problem, I figured this out - the basic process of export --> download, now it makes sense! Haven't tried the shift + drag, will do

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