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by pataxte | July 02, 2019 20:38 | #19957

For anyone working with the pole mapping kit - This kit was my xmas gift, finally getting to set up and use it. However, the mount is confusing. In the package it has a diagram of the mount, and says to see this wiki page ( for assembly instructions. In the included diagram the tripod mount comes out of the swiveling Ibeam clamp parallel to the pole. But above the set up has it coming out perpendicular to the pole. The latter makes more sense, but none of the screws work for that set up, not enough room inside the clamp. But even if it did, the ball joint seems to work against you as well.

The challenge is that you want the camera to be horizontal, parallel to the earth, but since the tripod mount is on the bottom of the camera, you need the mount to hold it perpendicular. And even if you can achieve that, because in my camera (Canon Powershot SD1000), and the one in the pics on the wiki page, the tripod attachment hole is not in the middle of the camera, so the camera lists off to one side and does not remain parallel to the ground. It looks like the same is happening in the last pic on the wiki page as well.

I'm perplexed...Has anyone used the kit who could offer guidance? It's not self-evident to me. Thanks for your help!


here's an update on my own question about the pole mapping kit.

you can make the camera rig workable as shown in the pics below. However, it is fixed and does not adjust via gravity to the pole angle.that means that when you change the angle of your pole the camera angle also changes, it does not self level. honestly it's not a very good system.





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