Question: I have found the website for WheeStat software very disorganized and confusing. Is the software (windows) available from anyone on CD or a central download for the interface and drivers?

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by oskarbob | April 23, 2019 17:18 | #19147

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@oskarbob, the drivers must be downloaded from texas instruments. You can get them from Instructions for installing the drivers are there as well. If you purchased a kit from Public Lab it should have come with the software on a usb memory stick. The software would include exe files for the user interfaces as well as source code for the firmware and user interface. If you lost the memory stick, send me your contact info and I will sell you another for a few bucks and shipping. The instrument should have come with the firmware loaded. The user interface was written in Processing, the firmware was written in Energia. The processing program can be downloaded from Energia can be downloaded for free from
The source code for the user interface can be downloaded here: Souce code for the analysis software is here: Source code for the firmware is here:

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