Question: How to build a spectrometer for detecting fetanyl in street drugs using the Atmel SAM4S Xplained Pro

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by nyck31 | January 06, 2018 00:18 | #15464

I am new to spectometry and to developing with this Xplained Pro kit but received a green light from my professor to build such a spectrometer. I want to make this accessible for addicts, first responders and in Vancouver, BC we have safe injection sites so staff who work there. Currently the city of Vancouver only has two spectrometers while the opioid crisis continues. Please feel free to share any insight or advice you may have. Thank you.


This may not be a project to determine the quantities of the subject of your concern. The spectrometer in question is at an entry level and the analysis of the sample in question is not at a level sufficient to give an adequate level of confidance to determine a valid diagnosis,.. from a legal viewpoint. The software used needs to be upgraded to reflect the current level of image resolution available to the V3 spectrometer kit as well as to the other technologies. Perhaps others may wish to chime in with their viewpoints. .Best regards, stef

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Building a spectrometer is a fine university project, but this will not work for detecting fentanyl. Fentanyl does not absorb in the range where the spectrometer is useful.

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