Question: 1602 HD44780 LCD with 74HC595 Shift Register Help

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by nanawhite107 | July 04, 2017 10:16 | #14616

I'm using an Arduino Uno for this project.

I set up a 1602 HD44780 LCD with the Arduino uno, and was able to get the "Hello World" example to run (easy peasy).

Here is the 74HC595 datesheet

I need to run it on 3 Arduino outputs because the project I'm going to use the LCD with already needs a lot of pins. So, I ordered a 74HC595 Shift Register. I've tried 3-4 different ways to do this (from Googling), but only one of them has let me display text properly, but the "setCursor" doesn't work so I'm only able to write on the first row, and not the second. I am able to set the cursor column though.

Does anyone have a good example that I can use to try to get this running?


I can't help with shift registers, but I have had good luck running a 1602 LCD with just two data pins (and two power) using a serial interface module that turns the LCD into an I2C device. These cost as little as US$0.76 and get soldered onto the back of the LCD. I bought them on ebay. No need for any code to load or unload a register.


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