Question: Is there an automatic filter on phone camera?

by msuphysicsformcb | September 23, 2020 23:09 | #24637

I just got my paper spectrometer and it works very well! This is the spectrum from an LED flashlight. When I analyzed the spectrum, I see the expected peak at 450 nm and another peak at about 540, but there is a dip at about 570-580 nm - there is no yellow, as you can see. I checked the spectrum with another spectrometer and looks normal, so I think the problem is my camera, an iPhone SE. Does anyone know if this camera is set to filter out yellow? Otherwise does the DVD diffraction grating filter yellow?image description


Update: I just looked through the other spectra posted that are tagged as white LED and they all look similar to mine, with 3 peaks instead of 2 that I expected. So I think that means the DVD is filtering some wavelengths.

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