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by Monoxyde | March 18, 2015 19:31 | #11686

Hello everyone, I bought at publiclab , a Mobius with red filter Rosco # 19 and custom White balance , to have aerial photographs NDVI .

I did download of Fiji and added monitor plugin . I did some testing but I do not understand whether right or not .

Can you help me figure out the correct steps in Fiji to get to a NDVI image correct ? Thanks and forgive my English


It's easy to drag a few of your photos from the Mobius into a research note or add them to a post at:!forum/plots-infrared. It would also be helpful to see some of the output images you got from the Fiji Photo Monitoring plugin. That will make it easier for people to help you.

There is a user guide for the plugin at Github: ( Click "View Raw" to download it (Word will open it).

But using the plugin is easy:
1. drag a photo from the Mobius onto the Fiji window
2. Select the plugin (single...processing from displayed image)
3. Use the default values (but maybe use NDVI_VGYRM.lut)

Post your result.


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Thanks Chris for all the material that you create and share . Despite language problems , I follow and admire much of your work . I hope soon to make a contribution. Thanks for the explanation about Fiji Photo Monitoring Plugin. I will follow all your valuable advice and definitely will share my tests ! Thank you very much Luca

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