Question: How can I download pi-builder SD card image with the WIFI network for camera access, Infragram and Image Sequencer?

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by molangmuir10 | May 30, 2019 12:18 | #19577

UPDATE!! This worked it just took a very long time for the wifi to connect! (About 25mins)

I followed the link to the public lab pi builder site. I then followed the download link to GitHub:

Step 1

I followed jywarren's download instructions through to gitlab. (I have never used gitlab before so this is probably where I went wrong!)

Step 2

Step 3

I downloaded the artifacts zip entitled 'camera_web' which gave me a zip file and an file.

Step 4

I unzipped the other and used belenaEtcher to flash these onto my SD card.

Step 5

I waited 10 mins from plugging in my raspi for the network but nothing showed. I've attached screenshots of my process - any ideas where I've gone wrong?


Hi! Sorry for the confusion, the instructions could be clearer. Basically we occasionally update it and leave a comment with the new version. See this comment in GitHub!


The gitlab instructions are if an update has happened but we haven't added the extra comment pointing directly at the download yet.

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And, I would paste the url itself but I'm just afraid that if we have it in too many places, we'll forget to update them all when we release a new version, so maybe we should settle on just one place... Like the #pi-builder page?

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Hi @molangmuir10! @jywarren has told me you and @silentsairam have been running mapping events and providing input on UI work with Mapknitter. If you have a minute, I would love your input on the toolbar UI updates I made in its upstream repo (Leaflet.DistortableImage):



Sorry for using your question to ask - wasn't sure how else to reach out! Thank you :)

Hi @sashadev-sky - sure I'll definitely do this! Will check it out this afternoon :)

Thank you I appreciate it!

Hi @sashadev-sky - great update! I've seen your convo on GitHub with @jywarren - I'm about to release a research note with my initial experiences using mapknitter so i could include feedback from this in that?

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@molangmuir10 I'm glad you like it! I am going to merge this update and definitely want to read your note so please tag me in comments :)

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