Question: Anyone has ideas of how to get access to satellite imagery for Puerto Rico? In-land areas?

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by mlamadrid | September 28, 2017 19:29 | #14967

Some answers have been posted on the public lab google group. Since NOAA has posted their Maria Response map.

----Original message from Sept 23: I am reaching out to see if anyone has ideas of how to get access to satellite imagery for Puerto Rico. I know imagery is not as readily available as it tends to be in the U.S., and it tends to be lower resolution.

As some may know, Hurricane Maria has left most areas of the island in a very dire state. Most of the Southwest and West of the island is completely unreachable.

While Google People finder has been activated, the lack of any services makes it very hard for most to provide information. And the satellite images, while maybe can't help coordinate immediate service efforts, can help calm family members that haven't been able to reach theirs for the last five days.

There is a kid in the island with a balloon kit but with no helium access and no access to that side of the island.


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