Question: What happens when we use timelapse to monitor blasting at mine sites?

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by mlamadrid | January 18, 2017 04:22 | #13861

by Public Lab Staff for Community Science Forum: Water

Using our new Q&A system on, we’ve started to explore and test ways to use timelapse or “game cameras” to monitor possible pollution sites. There’s been interest in monitoring blasting at a mine site, monitoring a sand mining operation, and detecting runoff events in streams and rivers:

Questions include:

  • What are the limits to using trail cameras on State Park land?
  • Can we use a timelapse or video camera to monitor particulate air plumes?
  • What’s the best way to archive/store a timelapse video?
  • Has anyone used a timelapse camera in stream monitoring?

Also, if you’re interested in water quality, you can catch up on a lot of recent work at:


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