Question: For the Bucket Monitor, how many tedlar bags do you need per-sampling?

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by mimiss | September 16, 2020 15:56 | #24591

We're working to bring the Bucket Monitor into the Public Lab Store and need some more information on how many bags would be useful for each kit.

I'd like to know, when you're going out and sampling, how many bags do you use? Do you tend to take more than one sample per-trip? If you purchased a sampling kit, how many bags would be useful?


Hi @mimiss, we talked about this on our call this week. I think it would make sense to send 1-2 with the kit to help people get set up but also stock them in sets of 5 for purchase (and encourage people to buy them in sets of 5). Basically, we were told you need to have enough on hand that you can respond to whatever situation comes up. So if there's a fire or an explosion, you might take 4-5 samples (and want enough bags to do that). If you're responding to a slow leak, you might only take 1-2 samples. You want to have enough on hand so if you need to take a sample, you aren't short a bag.

The goal is to encourage people to have a small stock on hand so they can use them. That's going to be cost-prohibitive to send with the kit, which is why encouraging people to separately buy 5-10 to have on hand, based on their needs, is probably the way to go.

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@kgradow1 @mimiss thanks for this discussion. I had initially asked, "How much do the tedlar bags cost?"

@mimiss provided the following specifics: The Bucket uses 5 Liter tedlar bags. Public Lab has been able to source them for $16.50 each from the supplier we’re using:

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