Question: Is copy calibration on Spectral Workbench working?

by microfibers | March 24, 2019 18:37 | #18835

I am trying to use the copy calibration function on my spectra, but every time I find the calibration and hit "Apply" nothing happens. I was doing the same thing yesterday and I was able to get pretty fast results as the x axis changed to wavelength in nanometers. Has something changed or am I doing something wrong? To be more specific about my current procedure this is what I've been doing:

1. I calibrate my image and save it

2. I go to a new spectra that needs to be calibrated and hit "copy calibration"

3. I find the calibration from step 1

4. I hit apply and wait



Hmm, can you share a link to the spectrum you're working on? If it was working yesterday but not today maybe it has to do with the data somehow; we haven't published any new code -- thanks for reporting!

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