Question: Are there templates available to laser cut the stages of the microscope - the coroplast?

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by melissajurist | October 15, 2018 15:18 | #17296

I have a laser cutter and would like to make this easier to use for group of 30.



Hi! Yes, you can see our files for the stages here:

That said, you don't need to replicate our stages exactly! I might actually suggest making these a little bigger than we have in the current file if you're using coroplast (we're going to be adjusting somewhat based on feedback from our first round of users). I think the overall size should work as/is with wood or acrylic. We have 1/4" bolts in our kit, but you can also design around whatever hardware you happen to have on hand.

I'm a big fan of some of the stages that Hackateria has on their Wiki, here:

If you have a laser cutter, all you really need to make sure of is that you have a) two stages, b) holes for three bolts on both stages with a little bit of wiggle room on the top stage, c) consideration for how the webcam will sit on the bottom stage (the files we have currently has a slot to accommodate a clip on the webcam, but not everyone uses it), and d) a hole on the top stage that allows the top of the lens close access to the slide.

Hope this helps! Would love to see how your microscopes turn out!

Also Larry is working on a slight redesign to expand the holes for the webcam cable and a few other small tweaks. I've emailed to ask him for his PDFs but here's a quick picture he sent!


Here is my latest Rev for 1/8x12x24 acrylic. I will update with the laser settings later tonight. Included both a CorelDraw and PDF version. See the 2nd page for the current rev. Larry


I copied the new clip holes to the rounded-corner stages, and generally tidied up the files here:


The design files can be found here: - stage-clip-04.pdf

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