Question: How to manage nature disaster recovery?

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by maria_lazurka | July 13, 2019 18:15 | #20096

Are there any tech solutions for aiding natural disaster recovery efforts?


hi! This is a big question! I think one of the older ones is Humanitarian Open Street Maps, but that's just to my knowledge on it. There was a good bit of work here coming out of Harvey and Irma, and a group that organizes on slack here:

Maybe @liz, you could share more about that or other groups?

Two of the Public Lab Barnraisings have had some form of disaster response in their theme. The Barnraising and Crisis Convening in Newark last year, and the one in Texas this past spring. You can read more about them on those links and check out some of the materials and resources people shared.

With the tech. question, I think it's really powerful and can be really helpful, but it needs to be appropriate to the needs of people affected locally. We risk running into issues of tech solutionism, and in times of disaster response, things that aren't a right fit for a community can be extractive.

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Maria, a couple of pointers:

First, this is a knowledge base of tech tools, assembled a few years ago by some of the folks who participated in the Barnraising that Stevie mentioned.

Second, here's a draft of principles for disaster response that may be worth keeping in mind in conversation with others about your challenges and decisions.

Let me know if you have other questions, I'd be glad to help if I can!


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