Question: Standalone Spectrometry software & uploading JPG or PNG spectra

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by lach_myers | August 06, 2018 13:33 | #16870

I'd welcome any suggestions for analysing captured spectra off-line/standalone?

I'm building a reasonably robust standalone version of the RPi/Lego spectrometer (see ) for use at my school - years 7-12 mostly. The spectral Workbench software works well, with the big advantage of allowing uploads of spectra from my Lego/RpiCam system.

I am not sure if it can be used offline, however. To my knowledge, there are two that can - Theramino Spectrometer and SpecWin. Both require webcam capture and don't allow uploads of images, I believe, so I have a bit of an impasse at present.

Once the budget allows, I will eventually set up a HDMI screen & USB keyboard so I can use the cedarlodge system




Hi, I think you could use the JavaScript version, SpectralWorkbench.js, to get an offline CSV of data -

Then you could graph that... it's not as powerful as the online suite but it has image => data conversion. I do wonder if it's possible for a JavaScript person to build an Electron app around it, but we haven't had resources to pursue that.

After getting more familiar with the and spectral-workbench.js, this is exactly what I need (offline app grounded in the spectral-workbench.js library) so it's a) faster and b) has a fast way to import, hopefully live, from a CSV from the raspberry pi. Electron sounds like the perfect place to build the app so it integrates easily with the spectral-workbench.js. It may need a custom export program for the pi, since the pi-builder IP camera software seems like it doesn't make use of the maximum capability of the pi camera and constant video streaming may be causing the system to run more slowly.

That's great! I think Siddhant is working through some errors here, if you are able to help out at all?

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Standalone software was also missing for me, so I created one. You can download here: screenshot:

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