Question: Where can I get a latching push button that isn't electrical?

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by klie | November 17, 2016 20:15 | #13710

What I want to do or know:

I'm looking for where to purchase (or how to make) a latching push button - meaning, I need to be able to push it in and have it stay in for the "on" setting, and then push it in again to release the tension for the "off" setting. I need it to actually mechanically move, as opposed to just sending signals to a bread board.

Anyone have any ideas? Optimally it'd be something I could buy at a store in Toronto (maybe at an Adafruit supplier like Creatron?) or make from accessible materials.

Background story:

This is for a fun activity with a friend, where we're building a simple light circuit for an art project. The fun part of it is that pushing the button in will complete a copper tape circuit that lights up some lights on a painted UFO... in a yet-to-be-determined space scene.

It clearly isn't for environmental monitoring, but getting this answer might help others who do have this question for a DIY monitoring project (or for others who just want to have fun with circuits).

In the spirit of our "Pompoms" session at Barnraising!

... Sudden realization that I know very little about buttons.


Have you checked Is this along the lines of what you're looking for?

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Reply to this comment... sells all manner of switches, too.

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Thank you @sarasage! I'm going to check out both of these sites. What I'm looking for, though, is a button that's mechanical instead of electrical (something that requires no batteries, etc). Ironically, I want less advanced technology haha. It's something that I could probably figure out how to make on my own if I can't find it anywhere else.

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Update: Talking it out actually just helped me think of better search terms, and I think I found one on High five for team brainstorming :)

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