Question: What research have you come across that effectively centers community voices?

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by kgradow1 | April 02, 2020 21:34 | #23289

I came across this paper recently and am looking for quantitative research that uses survey data to target and better specify and target stated community needs. I'm specifically interested in affordable housing, childcare, and elder care.

Demand for community-based care services and its influencing factors among the elderly in affordable housing communities: a case study in Nanjing City

This is the second of two studies interviewing elders in affordable housing in Nanjing City, asking what services would they like to see provided in nearby affordable housing communities and associating that data with demographic information to help planners target their decision-making appropriately. I think this is a really powerful approach, in that it starts with the premise that communities are best situated to assess what they need for themselves and ends the assumption that the data will be used to provide it.

I'm interested in similar studies that quantify survey data in this way, and also generally trying to familiarize myself with methodologies for assessing housing accessibility. I'd love to hear what research you have found -- ideally recent - that does this effectivelye.


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