Question: AWB_Gains for PiNoIRCamera V2 (Red Filter)

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by kauemv2 | May 27, 2019 17:25 | #19540

Hello, currently i'm working on a platform, already introduced in this question .

As I stated there, i'm working with a PiNoIRCamera V2, to study the heatlth of urban vegetation. And as @cfastie told, i will need to set a custom white balance, in order to make image more sensible to the blue band...

So anyone knows optimum values for the awb_gains settings for the Pi Camera?


Hello, my input might guide you in the right direction. Different environments require different settings so it might be hard to generalize. I did some testing with a red filter today and found that using the settings 0.74 for red and 1.18 for blue generated good results. As a general rule of thumb you need to have higher values for the blue channel when using a red filter. Keep changing the values until the image captured has an even mix of red and blue. I use a python script I wrote to calibrate my camera. You can find it here:

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