Question: What's the best waterproof housing/case for a Raspberry Pi 4?

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by jonny | August 11, 2019 03:09 | #20499

I'm working on a public sculpture installation with Raspberry Pi nodes that connect to sensors via bluetooth. I'm looking for a combination of affordability and durability for a case/housing that will stand up to being installed outside, exposed to the elements in Norwalk, Ct. Any recommendations?


Very cool to hear about your installation in Connecticut! Hello from New Jersey and NYC :) i usually hear about pelican cases being used. If the RPis will be out of reach from humans, sometimes an upside-down bucket / canister is all that's required to shelter it from rain. But if these are visible to humans, count on them being poked at (or more) by curious folks.

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try if you want to use the pi with a camera

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