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by jkenny23 | May 14, 2020 11:04 | #23629

Hello, I would like to measure a few claimed UV-C LED products I'm purchasing with a DIY spectromter. I don't think the direct approach will work, photographing through the diffraction grating, since the camera's glass lenses and sensor covering will block UV-C wavelengths. Would it be possible to project the diffracted light onto a surface like paper which could fluoresce and give an indication of the wavelength of the light source? Or any other ideas?


Hi Kenny, It is also possible to measure the light intensity with LEDs: For example, is possible to measure the intensity of ordinary UV LEDs (~ UVA) with blue LEDs. I'm not sure, but may be possible to measure the intensity of UVC LEDs using UVA LEDs. More info at: and Markos

Interesting, I wasn't aware LEDs as photodiodes were wavelength selective, but was aware of the general effect. Looks like your 2nd link was a copy of the first one, could you try again?

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Sorry, The second link is: This project is still in progress ...

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I found this resource regarding short/long wave UV fluorescence. Looks like beeswax is a common material that fluoresces with both long and short wave UV:

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