Question: Anyboby with experience in measuring IR emissions between 8-13 um ?

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by jfalquet | January 06, 2020 13:44 | #22228

I'm interested in measuring radiative cooling from plant surfaces in the "atmospheric window" region (8-13 microns). My very basic question is : how does a desert plant cools itself, as it obviously cannot use "normal" transpiration to do it. I'd like to know whether biological evolution already discovered something like ultraradiative metamaterials similar to what has been recently published here:


Hi jfalquet,
I dont have experience with this but it looks like getting out to 13 microns is neither easy nor cheap. Here are some options for a detector: Here is an amplified detector that gets you out past 10 microns: Good luck, Jack

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Thanks a lot, Jack! Considering the prices, I'm wondering whether adding a MID-IR filter to some cheaper detector, and strongly amplifying the residual signal could do the job ( ... but of course signal/noise ratio will be the limiting factor). And such filters are not cheap by themselves! Anyways thanks for your help. Jacques Falquet

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