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by jeffkrol | September 29, 2020 23:24 | #24676

Hi I was wondering if anyone used Thunderoptics "camera" to capture a spectrum?

Windows 10 sees it properly and can work with it just fine.

Your software identifies the camera but shows a blank screen.

Using Firefox 81.0 64bit.

any suggestions?image description


Addendum: Works fine in Google Chrome.. so it appears to be a Firefox thing even though all "security" parameters were set to allow the use of the camera. Everything seemed t be good. Oh well various browser things do happen

Now things work in Chrome EXCEPT capture window is too small and there seems to be no way to expand it or move it. "Blue" area goes out of bounds. As you can see by the above camera capture it's not on the cameras fault exactly. Well unlike a real camera on camera corrections are limited but doesn't cause what I am referring to.

cutoff.JPG This is a cool white LED so should have a big spike in the blue .


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It would be useful if the model of the spectrometer was included as well as a file of the win10 and the raw output of the spectrometer. it may be that your spectrometer output does not conform to the standard webcam used in spec3?. would be great if you could share the file, also was your spectrometer calibrated by manufacturer? Or was it ever calibrated? Stef

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Addendum: the manufacturer has several software for the mini spectrometer, have you had any results using that? Also what was your light source for the win 1o image? I am very interested as there is one coming to me (purchased one) Stef

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The window is the correct size it is used to select a pixel row from the camera. I have the Thunder Optics SMA-E model and works well with SW also mine came with the Spectrogryph, a full feature,fully functional software which is available free on limited trial. but is another BIG learning curve. Contact tech support with tyour ser# and they will send the docs for yours. They include a calibration file (how to) which uses a CFL light source similar to SW procedure. My Label are Thunder cam1 or Thunder SPec1 See my spectra Stef

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