Question: As per my ndvi output like this How can we calculate endvi or ndvi image ?

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by it13 | June 22, 2019 10:47 | #19808

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Hi, I recommend you check out some of the activities at #infragram, which has a lot of information about this! What are you looking to figure out about the plants once you get the NDVI value?

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Thanks for your kind response!!

In our project, we need to take photos of yield product and need to distinguish between their quality. We want to differentiate between the normal and stressed yield quality. For that, We are calculating NDVI index from the images. We are calculating NDVI index from this equation : NDVI = [(NIR + Green) – (2 Blue)] / [(NIR + Green) + (2 Blue)]. From NDVI index we want to determine the Yield quality.

We are using 8MP Raspberry Pi CSI Camera with TB475/550/850(Triple Bandpass Blue+Green+850nm NIR) and TB550/660/850(Triple Bandpass Green+Red+850nm NIR) filters, as these two are best suitable to our application.


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