Question: Has anyone used ground glass joints in water sensor enclosures?

by gretchengehrke | July 19, 2017 19:30 | #14668

I’m interested in low-cost water sensor enclosures to make a probe into a deployable unit. From this page, it looks like there have been various iterations of plastic water bottle enclosures. I’m curious if anyone has tried glass enclosures with ground glass joints? It wouldn’t work at depth due to pressure, but in shallow water, would a ground glass joint be more water-tight? Are there low-cost glass options?


Mason jars: cheap and easily sealed.

Ground glass connections are usually expensive.

@DavidMack, that's very true about the expense, but the lids are usually metal and so hard to clean. Depending on the analyte of interest, metal lids could be okay though. For sealing, are you thinking pressure sealing the jar (like when making jam) and then puncturing the lid to wire out sensor, or using for tools that wouldn't need a direct water contact sensor (like a turbidity sensor with the photodiode pressed up against the glass or a temperature sensor that could be corrected for offset from the water)? It's in interesting idea!

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