Question: What's wrong with my wheestat?

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by giannispimenidis | April 13, 2020 01:07 | #23371

I recently got a wheestat from public lab, version wheestat 5. I am getting strange readings. I have posted a cv diagram. I get the same diagram whatever solution or electrodes i use (at this volts). Also, at the voltage limits the

negative-->positive and the positive-->negative, as shown. I have tried every other aspect of the mode bar and everything is strange. I tried different versions of the software and again the same diagrams. I have checked the continuity of the electrodes and it is ok. What may be the problem? image description


Hi @giannispimenidis, just spotted this --I'm copying in the main tool developer @JSummers

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Hi @giannispimenidis, Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties. The voltammagram does look odd. To start off, try putting a resistor (10K to 20K ohms works well) across the working (black) and counter (red) electrode leads and connect the reference lead (green) to the red lead. That should give you a straight line when you run the experiment with a slope equal to the resistance, consistent with Ohm's law.
If that tests out, let me know and tell me what your electrodes are and what your sample contains.
What you show has a sloped linear part and a flat part. The sloped part looks like what you would expect if the electrodes were bridged by a 1K ohm resistor (Ohm's law). The flat part looks like what you see when the A to D converter is saturated, but if that were the case, the display should tell you. Sorry, but I dont know what is going on. Let me know what you find out. You can email me at summers at wcu dot edu. Good luck, Jack

Thank you Jack! Really appreciate it. @giannispimenidis -- please let us know how things go.

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