Question: Amount of helium needed for a 5.5 foot balloon

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by geoderek | November 21, 2019 14:31 | #21547


I am hoping someone with balloon mapping experience can answer my question or direct me to a resource to identify the correct size tank need for 1 flight. Of course, I will want to have more than one flight, but I am trying to get the minimum specs down for now.

I ordered and received a 5.5 foot (170cm) reusable* balloon made of a latex/chloroprene (neoprene) mix which is a part of the Balloon Mapping Kit. Would 14.9 cubic feet of helium tank that is 80% helium, 20% air blend work for filling this up at least one time?




We usually get 2.5 flights out of our 80 cubic foot tank (of 100% helium?) to lift the same type of balloon you're mentioning. It also lifts 1000 ft of line, and a point and shoot camera in a soda bottle housing rig.

This means it's about 32cubic feet of helium per balloon if you're using a similar setup.

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I've a small sample size, n=1 flight!, with same kit using a 60 cu ft tank of balloon grade helium., not sure about the precise mix but pretty sure it wasn't 100% helium. We used the entire tank and it lifted the camera and rig just fine, but not sure it would last for flying the next day. Our He source (Fiestaland!) was great, and offered to start our balloon in shop with about 10 cu ft of He when I was fretting that 60 cu ft wouldn't be enough. We didn't need it, but that may be another strategy if the tanks you find are small. Hope that helps

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