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by exekutive | November 06, 2018 01:47 | #17475

Would a webcam based spectrometer be able to measure UVA spectra? (in the region of 350-400nm) How deep into UV are webcams usually sensitive to?

I would like to test UV LEDs that I buy online, and verify that they emit the correct wavelength of light.


Hi! I think most webcams can't see much lower than 400nm, but if your sample flouresces in the visible range, you can read that...

There's been some tests to see if certain image sensors (rear-illuminated CMOS) can sense lower than that, but glass blocks most of it, so there might have to be non-glass (pinhole?) optics... and there is sometimes glass over the sensor. So it quickly becomes pretty complex!


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Hmm, perhaps a better detector would be a SiC photodiode.

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I'm currently looking at the VEML6075 to detect UVA and UVB. It seems to be what I might call "semi-calibrated" that is you can use default settings to get a rough idea of the intensity.

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Thanks, that's an interesting device. But it is only sensitive to two very narrow frequency bands.

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Are there any materials which fluoresce only under a fairly narrow band around 365nm?

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