Question: Can the odor get worst than it is now ?

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by darriel_bellKarr | May 02, 2021 22:06 | #26463

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Hello @darriel_bellKarr! Let's dive deeper into your question and come up with some answers. You asked, "can the odor get worse than it is now?" Investigate the area. Where do you notice the smell being the strongest? (Body of water, storm drain, an agricultural field, etc) Explore further. Do you observe anything in the area that might be contributing to the smell? (Factory, farm, drainage pipe, etc.) How would you compare the smell? Does the smell remind you of anything? (Check out this resource: How to Identify Odors) ( This can help you narrow down the type of the smell as well as a potential cause for the smell. Other Options: You could also keep an Odor Log. This process will assist you as you monitor suspicious smells and help you report your findings. For example, during the summer a body of water may have a rotten smell. By investigating the area, you notice dead fish floating on the water. When you research and explore further you might find that this could be caused by algae blooms during spikes of warm weather. Identifying the source and cause of the smell, we can estimate how the odor will get worse and approximately how long it will last. Once you've collected that information and put it together, we can analyze and determine if the smell will get worse or better.

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