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by cfastie | September 18, 2017 16:50 | #14904

LEAFFEST is less than two weeks away! (Friday to Sunday: September 30 to October 1)

Details here (it's in Vermont).

Register (We gotta know how many to plan for).

Ride sharing (Folks will be coming from MA, RI, ??).

Attendee list (This is updated when you register).


Above: The Crenova game camera captured this gazing and grazing behavior at LEAFFEST 2016.

I am predicting early fall color this year, so it is scientifically guaranteed to be beautiful in two weeks.

Jeff Warren's plan is to start LEAFFEST by asking everyone what question they want to ask at LEAFFEST like he plans to do at the Barnraising. By the end of that session we should not only have a plan for LEAFFEST, but we will know each other better and be prepared to find answers to all the burning questions.

To pre-game this agenda-building and idea-sharing process, let's use this Question feature to suggest some possible activities for LEAFFEST.

Why the Question feature?

  1. Post your suggested activity as an Answer below (not a comment).
  2. Other people can Comment on that idea.
  3. Other people can Like (star) that idea.

These can be ideas for activities that you would like to lead or activities that you would like someone else to lead (please specify).

This will allow everyone to better prepare (what to bring, what to expect, whether to stay home, etc.).

I will seed the cloud by posting some ideas (Answers) below. Your ideas can be as terse or as comprehensive as you desire.

Please let us know what kind of stuff you would like to do at LEAFFEST this year. Post your ideas where it says "Post an Answer" below. Thanks.


Session idea: Why do people use Arduinos to make environmental data loggers? Are there alternatives? .

I can lead this discussion (30 minutes?). During this discussion we could decide on a follow up activity to build, test, or deploy a data logger.

Some of my recent research notes are examples of data loggers based on Arduinos.


Anybody interested?

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Session idea: Is it a good idea to start a business designing, manufacturing, and selling environmental science tools? (30 minutes?)

A few years ago, I started an online store to sell my kits to make aerial photography rigs (The KAPtery). We can take a look at the stuff required to run this store (it now includes kits for electronic devices), and talk about which part of the process (design, manufacture, or selling) is more fun. .

A shipment of KAPtery rigs headed for Ennapurna, a retailer in France.

If anyone wants to build one of the KAPtery kits, let me know which one before September 24 (Sunday) and you can take one home for 30% off the retail price.

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Session idea: Is a NASA AeroPod or a KAPtery SkyPod a more appropriate data logger for collecting data during kite flights? (2 hours)

We might have a NASA AeroPod at LEAFFEST, and we will definitely have some SkyPods. None of us has ever flown an AeroPod so we could try to fly both with kites and learn something about their relative capabilities.

Above: A NASA AeroPod for collecting environmental data during a kite flight.

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Session idea: Traditional annual mushroom hunt. I always love this chance to explore Chris's backyard woods and get to know other attendees.

There are lots of good looking fungi in the woods these days. I think it will be a good annual foray. These from today:

A puffball, maybe Lycoperdon.

A little Boletus.

This looks like a Lactarius.

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Session idea: Image Sequencer intro/demo/workshop: 1 hour. Learn about the new Image Sequencer tool for online image processing and brainstorm use cases for it, and prototype them.

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Disaster response workflow round table: 2 hours - Discuss what worked and what didn't as folks across Public Lab sought to support disaster response efforts following Harvey, Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, and other disasters this year.

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Apple picking and kite flying!

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Session idea: Empowerment and leadership discussion (1 hour) - I have a growing interest in questions like: At what point to people become empowered to just do things themselves? How do we help this happen? When do people want to become leaders and how does that happen?

I'd like to spend some time discussing this with people, especially around the space of Public Lab. PL has a somewhat novel approach to getting new people involved, and stories around people finding places of autonomy to do things with the tools on their own.

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I am intrigued to think about this topic in the context of earlier Public Lab discussions of expertise. Do you have to be an expert to be a leader? What is the difference between expertise and leadership? Sounds like a fun session.

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I would like to document some of the cool stuff that is going on by filming it. there aren't particular things that I'd like to film, but would love to collaborate with others to help them document their cool things. It could end up as a big Leaffest video or several small project ones.

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