Question: How can I create and work on my own issue in Github?

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by bsugar | May 12, 2019 17:57 | #19308

I have a few features I'd like to make to my recent work on the stats page, as well as seeing if I can implement a bridge between Github and the Public Lab Q&A system. Both of them have been discussed informally with positive feedback.

My questions are:

1) Given that the process will need to be kept track of am I correct in thinking it should be filed as an issue?

2) What process of "consensus" should I engage with/set up to confirm/shape these ideas such that they would receive support, PR review, and eventually merged? For example, are there @mentions that I should make sure to use? Would mentioning it in a weekly check-in be the right place?

3) Anything else I should think of before taking on such an endeavor?


Hi! @bsugar You are correct in that you would file this as an issue. I'll answer the rest of your questions directly but you may want to also checkout this guide on getting started 2) You would file the issue first and state that you are working on it in the description. Other contributors (like myself) will label it as an enhancement. When you've done your changes and open a PR, there will be guidelines in the auto-completed part of the description that will ask you to mention @publiclab/reviewers and to check that you have followed the guidelines in the above link to the best of your abilities. 3) I've found the public lab contributor community to be one of the most helpful and encouraging communities I've ever been a part of on github. So if you need any help, mention me other any other public lab contributors and we'll try and help out.

Hope that helps!

Perfect, thank you @d1g1t4ld1n4! I recently did my FTO, but since I'm new to the community, I didn't want to start anything that didn't have the support of the community. I'm sure there are some ongoing directions that the development of the site is taking so I want to make sure I'm hooked into that. Thanks again!

You said you've done an FTO, but I should still mention. If you work on anything that changes the look or function of anything on any public lab platform, you'll need to set up a way to run your version of that platform so you can screenshot / video tape the function working so see this for how to do that Glad I could help :)

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Thanks you for clarifying that! And also for the link to the discussion. See you on the issue list soon!

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