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bruno is asking a question about ndvi
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by bruno | July 09, 2015 15:56 | #12043

good morning public lab and co workers. this is my first post and would be graceful, so many thanks for your efforts. our analysis have been of great great help.

this is my working sequence:

  1. modifyng ccd sensor on canon ixus
  2. adjusting filter (DIY public lab pack)
  3. custom white balance, GMB gretag charts help me. (see wiki on public labs for adjusting white)
  4. load image on
  5. you can see final result on image dropped

In fact this is what wanted before starting project, and any advice would be appreciate. My intent is assemble camera on semi professional UAV - drone, to evaluate green area and plant status. Canon camera was equipped with chdk software (Canon Hack Development Kit ) for developing drone status.

So, many doubt on me, so my question is follow .

Result of pics attached is reliable? red pixels is in fact plant status? NDVI generated is real ?

thanks for your answer and interesting. bruno


It will probably be possible to give you some guidance if you attach a couple of the photos straight from the camera.

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