Question: The waterproof IR camera page says that the camera has WiFi. Does it? How do I access it?

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by bps | December 24, 2018 20:56 | #17998

I just purchased a wp200 camera from the store. It says that the camera has wifi but from what I an see from other websites, it does not. Has this been modified in some way? Is this camera able to take IR picture by itself or must I use some software to process the images? If so, which software?


Hi bps - apologies, the WIFI model was an older product, and I don't believe the current one has the WIFI feature (if you would like to return or exchange this camera, please reach out to The camera can be converted to an IR camera with the IR filter conversion kit (available as an add-on for this product). You can see a little more about the IR filter conversion kit here. You don't necessarily need special software to work with the images, but there are some tools that can be helpful over at Infragram ( and Image Sequencer that can help you get started.

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