Question: need information on self-watering irrigation systems, rainwater capture down spout filter, dew collection systems

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by birdlink | December 14, 2018 17:11 | #17902

in NYC but relevant anywhere

Need to keep plants growing without attaching hose to water source

need information on how to capture water for the birdlink construct


image description


hi! What a great project! I happen to live in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood too and am so excited to hear about this. Will this sculpture be adjacent to any sort of flatish horizontal surfaces to collect rainwater off of, and will there be room to store water in a tank that is possibly higher than the sculpture in order to do gravity fed drip irrigation from captured water?

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Hi @birdlink, let us know some additional information. Just noticed that your post title mentions dew collection systems, and to my limited knowledge those work in "cloud forest" type places where there is a lot of atmospheric water that can be condensed onto a surface so that liquid water runs down and can be captured. I'm idly wondering if that could be applied to the steam clouds that billow from some manhole covers in NYC....but, well, i think not.

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There are lots of interesting things you can do, but you will need come collection surface. Would like to know the kinds of plants and their growing medium. Also, monthly average rainfall in the area of the planting. With that info I could sketch out some options for you

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