Question: can anyone help me with my ndvi ( image processing ) ?

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by ayu_puri | November 20, 2016 06:25 | #13714

I do some research about NDVI (image processing) use camera mobius with red filter. for image processing, i'm using visual studio c#. i'm confused with my image proccesing, image in c# have 3 layers.

I'm using formula ndvi= Nir-Vis/Nir+Vis

Vis= Blue channel Nir= red channel

after i'm process that formula, i'm confused to put the result in which layer ? And what will i do with the other layer ? what i must be filled in that layer, is that data from our image before process the formula or i must fill it with the other value ?

please someone help me


I'm using formula ndvi= Nir-Vis/Nir+Vis

The formula for NDVI is NDVI=(Nir-Vis)/(Nir+Vis)

Vis= Blue channel Nir= red channel

With a red filter, the blue channel will be mostly NIR and the red channel will be mostly red (with some NIR).

The computed NDVI values will be between -1 and +1. I don't know what the options are in Visual Studio for displaying those values. To make an 8 bit grayscale image, the values could be scaled between 0 and 255. A grayscale image can have just one channel. To make a color image, you have to know how Visual Studio makes a color image when each pixel has only one value (NDVI). Maybe a look up table?


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ser chris, how to visualiseason NDVI color in RGB format , because we won to visualiseason NDVI in RGB color

It's very easy to convert a photo from a red-filtered Mobius (or other) camera to color NDVI using the Photo Monitoring plugin for Fiji:

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