Question: Are you sampling local air quality? Are you sending results to a lab? Ask these questions!

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by amocorro | with sarasage May 13, 2021 17:04 | #26574

These comments were originally shared by Public Lab Frontline Community Organizer Fellow @sarasage, follow along with their Val Verde air quality monitoring team project here:

Preparing to use the Bucket Air Monitoring tool

Sara: We are very close to being able to use our bucket kits in the field and want to thank everyone who made a reliable kit based on the CBE buckets. This was the number one tool my community was searching for when were learning about air monitoring.

I want to add a few items that I have found useful when finding and working with a lab:

Questions to ask

  • Do you have a courier service or can you refer us to one? (Courier services will transport your air sample to the lab. A number of tests require that the sample be analyzed within 24 hours).

  • Can you give us copies of the chain of custody forms? Chain of custody forms are supplied by the lab and you will need to use their form.

  • Can you give us a list of the test/methods you perform, as well as a price list?

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