Question: portable NDVi camera with processing

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by aldrin | March 25, 2017 15:12 | #14059

What I want to do or know

We want to know how to calibrate pi NOIR camera with red filter and provide the image processing inside the raspberry pi using python

Background story

We are tasked to create a portable NDVI camera using raspberry pi. We used raspberry pi 3 with Pi NOIR camera attached to it. We used wratten 25A as our long pass filter. Here is a sample of the image we have taken:


Is this photo acceptable as an NDVI specimen? and how could i code in python the ndvi processing. I'm trying to manipulate the channels by providing the original NDVI formula but still, no luck. I personally love how ned's photomonitoring plugin do the job but i realy like to put the processing inside the raspberry Pi.


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