Question: How to choose the order of pictures when exporting

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by adyr_construction | January 08, 2018 14:15 | #15474

When I suture several pics together, there are more dominant pictures the I want to have on top of others.

It appears that the mapknitter doesn't let me choose which pictures I want on top of which?

Is it possible to control how the different pictures will be layered?



Hi, we've long wanted to implement this feature but haven't yet. There's an open request here where we're hoping someone can help out in solving this!

We'll also need a means to store the order in MapKnitter itself, and a few other changes. I've listed them in this issue:

Hopefully we get this resolved soon, but it's a multi-part feature. Thanks for bumping this up!

Also, if you know anyone who does Leaflet or Ruby on Rails work and is interested in pitching in, that would be great! Even tweeting out these issues and asking folks if anyone can help would be a big help. Thank you!!

I can basically control the order when I lay out the different pictures. All it needs is to be exported in the same order.

Ah, i see. That'd be this issue, also as-yet unsolved:

Sorry, we're mobilizing to try to recruit more software contributors to get these implemented; thanks for your patience!

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