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by abrenner | April 22, 2017 19:11 | #14131

Hello, I am new to NDVI but am trying to figure out what the difference is between an NGB and NRG filter. Which may be the better option, and why?


Are you interested in the difference between a blue filter and a red filter? A blue filter could be referred to as NGB (red is blocked and NIR replaces red in RGB). A red filter could be referred to as RGN (blue is blocked and NIR replaces blue in RGB). Ned has a note about why a red filter can be better for vegetation analysis: Also, blue filters don't seem to work very well with small CMOS sensors which most webcams and small cameras have.


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There can be a lot of NIR contamination in the red channel when using RGN filters, especially in bright tropical sun at midday. To get higher NDVI contrast, I usually subtract the blue NIR channel from the red visual channel in Fiji/ImageJ before running the NDVI calculation.

This is on a cheap action camera, maybe compact and DSLR cameras have cleaner sensors.

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