Question: What is the ideal white balance for the Infragam Point and Shoot?

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by abdul | October 28, 2016 22:40 | #13665

I would like to solicit feedback from the community as to the science of white balance. The white balance in the Infragram Point and Shoot is easy to customize by opening the SYSCFG file and editing the white balance line.

We recently found that the old white balance for the point and shoot, which was set to was set to R:300, G:500 and B: 700, was not compatible with the new lens (released in summer 2016). I would like to know if there might be an ideal balance that others have found in their usage of the new lens!

Currently, the new SYSCFG file is edited to R: 250, G:500 and B: 900, but it can almost certainly be improved by you. How have you changed it, and what did you find?


Note: we now have a guide to setting white balance, although this question still stands for what the settings should actually be.

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