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Question: What is an easy-to-use phone app for public to record air quality issues? #air #app #tech

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by zengirl2 | March 09, 2018 21:08 | #15907

Looking for apps so people can record problems in their community based on what they are seeing and smelling. Trying to have mapped info real-time, but for now just documenting would be good.


Maybe @xose and others working on #odor-logging can chime in!

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@sarasage too!

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Hi there! We are working with some folks from Emapic on an online solution for the data collected with the Odo log 1.0. There's also @sarasage's Odor complaint form ;)

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TY @xose and @warren. I'll see if I can hunt down some more.

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Some colleagues from Australia have been working on AirRater ( and we're working towards adapting it for specific projects. It's goal is to support asthmatics in Tasmania to deal with pollen and woodsmoke issues but as a platform to record your perceptions on air quality is a good starting point. My team have been trying to get this information from the participants in our community-based air quality project ( ) and we did that with a simple survey that we asked people to respond every day ... mixed results. Happy to share what our questions were and to collaborate with anyone interested in gathering these kinds of information.

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This may be a little specific to the Pittsburgh area, but the Create Lab at CMU has made a smell reporting app to track industrial odors from pollution sources in the area. The app is called Smell Pittsburgh and might work as a model or starting point for other communities. You may be able to get in touch with the developers or someone who knows more here.

Thanks for all of these great sources. Air quality issues are only growing, so it's nice to see this work.

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