Question: I am looking for a low cost lab to test for PFOA/PFOS.

by UpperPotomacRiverkeeper | August 03, 2018 13:24 | #16847

I am working with a community of residents that may have been impacted by the pollutant PFOA/S from a nearby Air National Gaurd facility that performed firefighting drills using AFFF. The recent EPA drinking water guidance released for PFOA/S triggered a review of all public water utilities near military bases that used this fire suppression chemical. The Martinsburg, WV area did have the public water system show levels of PFOA/S that were hire than the EPA guidance. The public water system has been upgraded, however, local residents on well water also in close proximity to the military base are susceptible to well water contamination of PFOA/S.

I am looking for a lab that tests for PFOA/S that is low cost. The lowest I have been able to find is $275 a sample. I have ten resident wells to test and would also like to test near by springs.


The recommended limit of pfoa + pfos is 70 parts per trillion (!). That's recommended, it's not enforced.

The method of analysis is by LC/MS/MS. This is a very expensive technique.

The $275 sounds about right, unless you can find some program where an agency will pay part of the water analysis bill.

Good luck.

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The cost for analysis can be quite costly. We are currently working in our lab network (Enthalpy Analytical LLC) to be able to offer a low cost screening test for concerned residential customers. This test will be ready to launch this week. The cost will be $149 for analysis, will provide PFOA, PFOS, and PFBS values. This quick screen will help to determine if further action must be taken.

Please feel free to reach me directly at 989.772.5088 ext 14608. Sarah Mack, Business Development Director, Enthalpy Analytical LLC dba Prism Analytical Technologies.


UPDATE Prices have been adjusted since the original posting of the message in 2018. Please visit to find the current fees for PFAS services.

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I work with dozens of community groups fighting PFAS drinking water contamination and I have a few things to share: (1) When testing, there are a lot of different tests for PFAS (The family of 3,000+ per and poly fluoroalkyl substances). You want to make sure you are using at least EPA's method 537. As you know if can be VERY expensive, so you want to make sure you use a good lab -- I would recommend looking at Vermont's list of consultants See: (2) Oftentimes you can get a "wholesale" rate with a lab if you are going to do a bunch of tests for a consolidated price. (3) Working with an academic partner means that they can often do the tests pro bono as part of a study and/or interpret the results for the community which can be helpful. However, it can take longer. See: Bennington College (4) The DOD, the State, or the EPA should really be doing the testing. They have been lots of places. Where are you located? Organize your community to be sure that everyone can get the testing they need. (4) You are not alone! Learn more and join the National PFAS contamination Coalition at

Let me know if you have any questions -- 802-922-4780

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