Question: Is the ir wavelength in spectral workbench measured in nm or cm?

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by StwartMad | March 11, 2021 11:30 | #25896

I am wondering if the spectral workbench measured infrared wavelength in nanometers or centimeters. I am trying to figure out with both my tests if I have Carbon Nanotubes or not by using other researcher's graph results and type of measurement does matter alot


I can't tell you anything about spectral workbench. Sorry.

But, if you are working in industry and using FTIR, one common unit is reciprocal centimeters. This was for the MIR (mid- infra red)range. If you are working in the NIR(near infra- red), the units could be different.

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Hi, it'll be in nanometers on Spectral Workbench. That sounds cool, can you link us to some of your data?

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I wasn't allowed to keep it. Pharmaceutical/ Medical device companies are kind of touchy that way. But the microscope IR was the most fun. Well, tied with EDXRF. Plenty of other toys. You know the the saying. The only difference between men and boys is the cost of the toys.

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