Question: Is lab interested in expanding in India?

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by Shish | June 13, 2018 13:17 | #16492

I woul like to save environment. As i want through public lab i found You all are working on a land which is much much less polluted in comparison to developing nation like us, where you small efforts can have a big impact. And will have wider impact anf can have good exposure in different fields.


hi @shish, our code community is very active in India. Please meet them at ! @gauravano

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Hi @shish, nice to meet you!

I can relate to what you're proposing here. For sure, India needs to make many efforts in tackling pollution. Public Lab do care about the environment and work for it by providing DIY kits for investigation like, DIY oil testing - and a lot more.

I have been a part of Public Lab for quite a time but still there so much to explore. I think, tackling pollution at a bigger scale, require cooperation from the government as well as from community, so the question is what are your expectations from PL? Do you think if people will use DIY kits for investigation then govt. will consider the case and look into it?

@liz would you like to put your thoughts that how India can tackle pollution, and how Public Lab strategies, methods can make a difference.

And, as @liz mentioned, we have a big software community and there are many folks from India, feel free to join us if Software development interests you.


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