Question: Bug? My Spectrum loads then vanishes.

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by SarahC | June 03, 2018 05:01 | #16425

I forked one of my broken spectrums here:

It appears fine.

But when I try and view this page - the spectrum image shows briefly, and then when the chart appears underneath - the chart is empty, and the spectrum image vanishes!

Is this some strange bug?


Hm, i wonder what's going on -- I do think it's a bug. I see both have an actual image esp when i look at

I wonder if somehow the pixel values are some strange range so it's moving the image off the edge of the visible region...? Looking in here to see if that could be true:

Ah yes - so for whatever reason it's saying the image has width of zero:

<img class="spectrum" src="/system/photos/136078/original/capture.png" style="width: 0px; max-width: none; margin-left: -1082.7px;">

So i think maybe you need to re-upload it? The original image is still stored here:


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Thanks for showing how you checked through it.

I'll re-upload it after work. I love your site, very polished. =D

I wonder what I did wrong to get it 0 width, it might have been calibration or something, or perhaps it happened when I had two capture windows open by mistake!

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