Question: Hello everyone, what is the weight, the baloon in the baloon mapping kit may lift?

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by Nubu | June 06, 2019 15:17 | #19625

We are a research team and want to do an analysis on topographical changes due to sediment transport processes in a mountainous region. As we would like to have a high resolution of the resulting elevation models of the photogrammetric survey, we bought a quite heavy camera and I need to know, if this would be lifted at all by the baloon you are proposing to use...


You can see a little more about lift here:

the balloons we sell are 5.5' across, so their lift is closer to 5lbs.

Bigger kites (or multiple kites on a line-- look into "kite train") can have a lot more lift (the exact lift will depend a bit on the wind).

Have you seen AirPup? @mathew might be able to give you more info about this option-- AirPup is a kite/balloon hybrid that can provide lift for heavier loads:

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OK thanks a lot for your answer! Unfortunately this won't be enough for our purposes. Also the Airpup, as far as I saw, may only with the help of wind lift higher weights.

Thanks however for your support!

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