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Mempet asked on September 04, 2017 19:22
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Hello, I am creating a water filter for use in third world countries. However, after multiple uses, there will be algae and bacteria buildup on the filter. What are some natural disinfectants that could be put through the filter that will kill the contaminants but not be harmful to consume?


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Hi @Mempet, in my experience, submerged filters (and any equipment that is submerged) generally needs to be manually cleaned rather than using any sort of biocide in-situ. Would it be possible for people to remove their filters, and then scrub them to remove the algae manually? What material is in the filter?

Hi @gretchengehrke! The filter is a pvc/water bottle contraption, which contains f-sand. F-sand is a functionalized sand which contains MOCP, a protein with coagulating properties. I think manually cleaning it might work too.

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