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by MadTinker | September 20, 2017 22:23 | #14926

There doesnt seem to be a STEM tag, but maybe can someone point me toward a project or two that have been done that might be modified for a classroom environment? (And I'll keep looking..)


Every one of the Public Lab tools could be the focus of a great classroom project. There have been attempts to create a curriculum outline for spectrometry and infrared photography (wetland vegetation). There might be some others, but I don't know how well any of these have been vetted for use. It always bothered me that people who don't know enough about a topic to create their own curriculum are the ones who end up teaching students about that topic.

I agree and was a little surprised not to find a tag. I've done elementary school STEM in a couple of major western cities. Maybe it's something to consider more explicitly on a project when it makes sense.

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