Question: I recently built and attached the paper spectrometer to my android smartphone. when I connect to the spectral workbench software and hit the camera icon, permission to my camera is requested. However, after I grant permission, no image appears in the spec

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by Ldei | August 09, 2020 18:50 | #24296

Paper spectrometer, android phone, firefox browser


Hi @Ldei! I'm not on the developing team but you can always use the spectrometer with your regular smartphone camera and then upload the image to Spectral Workbench, first for calibration purpose and then to store your spectrals :)

Thank you for your reply. It seems that the camera does show the separation of wavelengths (different colors appear). If I record the picture of this and upload it to the Spectral workbench, will the software be able to transform the picture into an intensity versus wavelength plot?

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Yes, you can upload those images directly to Spectral Workbench. To upload your image, press the arrow next to "Capture Spectra" on the upper right-hand corner of Spectral Workbench to bring up the drop-down menu and select "Upload Image". Once you've added your image there the software will create a plot based on the image.


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Great, thank you! I will give that a try!

Thanks for the pro tip @mimiss

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