Question: Any tips on the search for accessible and safe stream entry points in an urban forest?

by LaurenComSciATL | February 28, 2019 20:10 | #18438

I'm looking for best practice recommendations for stream monitoring reconnaissance (considering safety and accessibility around abandoned homes, steep hills and overgrown forest spaces) in Atlanta, GA. I am starting a water quality monitoring program with my organization: West Atlanta Watershed Alliance. I have mapped all of the stream sites (60-70 sites) in the Proctor, Utoy and Sandy watersheds, but I find myself driving around 15-25 minutes per site to find a reasonable entry point... and even then, some of the spots would be too much for the kids, middle-aged or elderly community members who have expressed interest in the program. Some are too steep, too much brush and shrubbery, or just deep into the woods behind abandoned buildings. I want this program to be as inclusive as possible, as our organization focuses on recruiting residents in the historic West side of Atlanta, GA. These participants are likely to be young children (K-12) and older people (age 50 and up). Any words of wisdom are warmly welcomed.


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